Nurhan Waemamu & Nattapol Relamun

“We are so impressed and grateful for having Chic Planner as our wedding planner who has good teamwork and collaboration since the day we first met. We would like to personally thank K’Kung and Chic Planner team. You have made all of our wedding wishes come true. The overall job is incredibly well-blended including the lighting, mood and tone. And the band you helped us select was so awesome. 

For K’Kung, you are so adorable and have strong attention to detail. You said, “ You may hold a wedding for one time, but all memories happened here will last forever for the lovebirds. So, I believe that this is very important for us as a wedding planner to make your dream wedding come true. Because your happiness Is ours too”. This is what you told me and that is imprinted at my heart. You are very sincere to us. No wonders why your team is selected and regarded as the best team in Thailand. I truly appreciated everything you have done for us. For K’Or, everything progressed so smoothly and on schedule even since the preparation that we were able to relax and truly enjoy the magic of our special day because of you and your assistants. For us, I believe we trust you and you never disappointed us. Thank you for the wonderful job you did at our wedding which is so unexpected. It is like a valuable gift for us for having such an amazing team and memorable wedding.” 




After my wedding, everyday when I go out , there’re a lot of people who come to appreciate our wedding...


We have to say thank you to Chic Planner who are the big important part of creating our wedding.


We will forever remember the very moment we stepped into the hall for the first time and saw the magical decorations that are crafted for us.

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