Every anniversary is a milestone.

Join our decade anniversary of Chic Photography and 12th anniversary of Chic Planner with our 2 proudly special documentaries “Chic Planner : The Story of Dream and Passion.” project. 

Chic Photography Documentary – Episode 3:  Art

“A picture is a million words. But for us, wedding photo has more value than that. They represent the commitment of love, memory and happiness. In my opinion, creative is not only enable us to find the meaning of art, it can also open our inner feeling from the inside at the same time.” – Mr. Chic

Chic Photography “Moment for Life” – Firenze, Italia
Directors : Jittanun Wanwitayajit
Clothes : Poem Menswear
Locations : Florence, Italy   



Chic Planner Luxury Mooncake 2019

Considered as a national aquatic animal of Thailand, the Siamese fighting fish exquisitely stunning on our 2019's mooncake boxes.

Chic Planner: The Master of Luxury Wedding in Thailand

Mr.Suriya is wildly accepted as the most successful hi-end wedding planner and floral stylist of Thailand.

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