A glimpse of Doritaenopsis

I discover my inspiration for this work from one special specie of orchid which named Doritaenopsis.  It is an intergeneric hybrid between Phalaenopsis and Doritis. I also used other kind of flower to decorate the room such as Peony, Tulip, Hydrangea and Rose. They are all white.

 This work can define the elegance beyond time. This cannot happen without the good intension and talent. Above of all, we would like to give the value of best memory to our clients.


Article by Mr. Suriya Kruthong, Creative Director


Chic Planner Luxury Mooncake 2019

Considered as a national aquatic animal of Thailand, the Siamese fighting fish exquisitely stunning on our 2019's mooncake boxes.

Chic Planner: The Master of Luxury Wedding in Thailand

Mr.Suriya is wildly accepted as the most successful hi-end wedding planner and floral stylist of Thailand.

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