Believe in Love

by Tiffany and Co.

It’s our honor to be participated in the  “Believe in Love” event that hosted by Tiffany and Co., the American jewelry brand that has been established for 181 years. This was the first time in Asia Pacific that the brand launched their table setting showcase.  Mr.Kung – Suriya Krutthong, Chic Planner  Creative Director got a chance to create and design the decoration by using table setting from Tiffany and Co.. He said that “My inspiration is from Tiffany and Co., We share the same dream, we are the dream of every woman.”



Chic Planner: The Master of Luxury Wedding in Thailand

Mr.Suriya is wildly accepted as the most successful hi-end wedding planner and floral stylist of Thailand.

The reason why Chic Planner are the best wedding planner!! from VOGUE Thailand

ทำไมต้อง Chic Planner โว้กพาไปหาเหตุผลที่คู่บ่าวสาวควรเลือกออแกไนเซอร์ในวันสำคัญ...

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